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Name:Cast Adrift - a cast away game
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It starts with a noise, a tremble in the plane's wings. A disembodied, rasping voice over the speaker system: "this is your captain speaking. We're having some engine trouble. Nothing to worry about."

For some, it really is nothing to worry about. For others, it's just another thing to add to their growing list, 'reasons why I should never fly again'. The plane passes over a pocket of what feels like turbulence; people grip their arm rests, let out nervous giggles. A few become aware that the flight crew are whispering to each other and tension begins to rise. But nobody's really ready for the crash - who honestly believes their plane will drop out of the sky?

Those who survive the crash, who manage to make their way out of the sinking wreckage, find themselves with an unlikely source of refuge. A seemingly deserted island lies before them, a tropical sanctuary in otherwise treacherous waters.

But with no way to contact the outside world and no sign of help, how long can these castaways survive?

Cast Adrift is an OC game following a group of castaways on a deserted island. It opens on February 17th.

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